Inflatable Standup Sup Paddle Board Surfboard

  • Specifications 11’ * 34’’ * 6’’
  • Dimensions 335mm×86.5mm×15mm
  • Gross Weight 11kg
  • Net Weight 10.5kg
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    Back view of asian man jumping off wooden bridge into blue sea background. Flying freely to the sky. Summer vacation lifestyle.

    Big Fish Spit Water

    Young boy surfing in shallow water

    Kids Edition


    Blue Waist


    Red Turtle


    Material of the Main Body: Brushed PVC

    Single-side Thickness: 1.2 mm; 2800 gsm; Density: 500D

    Border Material: PVC netting cloth; Inner layer (thickness 0.52mm) PVC netting cloth + Outer layer (thickness 0.7mm) PVC netting cloth 

    Skid-resistant Material: Class-U EVA splicing

    Manufacturing Process: The imported original resin adhesive is adopted for hot air bonding, which has the advantages of strong bonding strength, good gas retention effect and excellent protection effect against long-time sun-exposure and folding.

    Types of Surfboards

    1. Long board - more than 9 feet long, suitable for beginners.

    2. Short board - the length is less than 7 feet, which belongs to skill wave board.

    3. Gun plate - narrow and long, designed to play off the big waves like Hawaii.

    4. Soft board - dynamic and flexible, not limited by the size of the wave, suitable for beginners.

    5. Floating raft - the board is broad and the speed changes slowly. It is suitable for beginners to practice on the wave board.

    6. Human body surfing - without using any tools, put the human body on the shallow beach, float on the water by swimming, and push it with the waves.

    Surfboard Considerations

    1. when carrying a surfboard, you should pay attention to the turning place. When it is placed on the ground, it should be handled with care. When it is placed on the sand, it should be covered with sand to avoid being blown away by the wind.

    2. when going out to the beach with a surfboard, the angle of holding the surfboard in your hand should be in a straight line. Never put the surfboard in front of your body to prevent the waves from hitting your body.



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