Children’s Sled can turn to sled racing driver to sled scooter winter snow supplies

  • Place of Origin China
  • Color Black and OEM COLOR
  • Material IRON
  • Size 50*120*38cm
  • Weight 4kg
  • Type Outdoor
  • Name Children's sleigh
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    Packaging Details:Cartons  1 pc/carton

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    Quantity 1 - 2 >300PCS
    Est. Time(days) 7 days 7-25days


    1. The overall dimension of the product is 50*120*38cm,

    2. Loading capacity up to 160 pounds

    3. Equipped with pull rope and circular steering

    4. With brake, it can ride safely

    5. Solid steel frame structure, diameter 19/22mm

    Custom options

    Custom paint colors available

    Customized brand logo

    Customized packaging requirements


    Popular types of snow sports

    1. Dogs pull sleds

    If you like watching some Hollywood movies, you must have seen pictures of dogs pulling sledges in the movies. If you are lucky enough to come to the Pyrenees or Alps in Europe, you can also experience the feeling of taking a dog sled locally. The lively and lovely husky will pull the sled forward quickly, which may be called a dream trip.


    For many people who have never touched snowmobiles, this sport may be mysterious and complex. But if you have experienced it once in person, you will find that it, like other mechanical movements, only needs to master some start, shut down, acceleration, braking and other technologies to get started easily. Snowmobiles can give you the feeling of "the earth is open to me". Just try it.

    3.  Fat tire bicycle

    The so-called fat tire bicycle is actually a modified mountain bike with thick tires. It originated in the United States. As long as you ride it, you can ride easily on the snow. This sport is very popular in Europe now. It's really enjoyable to ride freely on the snow. However, fat tire bicycles are not as easy to control as people think. Before you really start this sport, you must learn your driving skills.

    4. Snow kart

    Many people must have experienced the feeling of driving a go kart on ordinary land. In fact, driving a go kart on snow is more exciting. Although this sport sounds a little dangerous and crazy, it can give people the feeling of soaring adrenal hormones. It is very addictive. If you are lucky enough to try this sport, you will love it.

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