Carbon Fiber Roller Skating Shoes Sliding Free Skating

  • Place of Origin China
  • Color Black/White
  • Material Eco-friendly PP hard material (bright-colored and odorless)
  • Size 36-45
  • Bearing ABEC-7 Chrome Bearing
  • Wheel size High Quality Wear-resisting Perfusion PU wheels 85A ;36-39:74/76/76/74mm; 40-45:78/80/80/78mm
  • Chassis Integrated Aluminum Chassis
  • Toe cap Hard boot toe cap
  • Type Outdoor
  • Feature With TPR transparent air cushion
  • Buckle Safety Buckle+ adjustable buckle
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    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details:1 pair/color box, 4 pairs/carton

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    Quantity(Pairs) 1 - 4 >4
    Est. Time(days) 15 To be negotiated


    1. Natural enemies of roller skates: water, sand, dust, roller skates knife rest, bearings, nails, etc., are metal products, are afraid of water.  Sand and dust wear down not only the wheels, but also the bearings.

    2. Try not to skate on grass, but definitely not on mud, sand or rainy days.

    3. In order to remove moisture and smell inside the shoes, you can buy a pair of bamboo charcoal bags, and put them into the shoes after each roller skating. Shoes with removable inner bladder can also be removed and cleaned.  

    4. To protect your lower shoes from dust or tangled hair, buy a pair of knife rest covers and put them on after rollerblading.  

    5. Regular maintenance of roller skates

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    Common Problem

    1. Before mastering the skills of skating, choose a suitable venue for roller skating.  The appropriate criteria, in a vague way, is that you slide on this set without getting a foot massage.  Spread out, not in slope, ups and downs, there are steps, there are potholes on the ground roller skating, especially worth reminding is cement and asphalt road, far look very smooth, but in fact, in addition to just paved road, the normal road of a certain year are very bumpy feet, especially not suitable for new beginners to learn roller skating.

    2. Before starting roller skating, first check whether the shoes are well worn, including shoelaces, energy belts are tight, wear nails, nails are tight, etc.  Secondly, wear good protective gear. Before passing the t-brake test of the club, wear full protective gear for every routine activity.  When you are ready, you should do warm-up activities and warm-up activities to open all joints and muscles. After that, you can do squat for the basic students, and you can press for the flat flowers. After 5 to 10 minutes, you can slide around the field several times to relax and then start today's practice.

    3. About wrestling, beginners roller wrestling is often unavoidable, even the old drivers will often overturn, so do not be afraid of wrestling, there is no shame, wearing good protective gear, it is difficult to seriously injured.  Also learn how to minimize injuries from falls.  For example, in sliding wrestling, try to fall forward, rely on elbow and knee guards to protect themselves, and then rely on inertia to roll to the side to release force.  If there is no forward inertia in pile training, in most cases, the stress response will use both hands to support the ground, which is relatively dangerous. The acceleration of gravity is concentrated in both hands for a moment, which is easy to cause damage to the wrist. Therefore, try not to use hands to support the ground, and use a large area of the body to force.  If you can't control your hands, bend your elbows to cushion them.

    4. About scrubbing the street.  Don't brush the street if you fail the T-brake test!!  Don't brush the street if you fail the T-brake test!!  Don't brush the street if you fail the T-brake test!!  It's so important that it should be repeated for three times.  If did not pass the T brake test privately ran out to brush the street, there is an accident community is not responsible.  As a senior, I can understand the new people's fresh feeling of roller skating and their yearning for the cool activity of street painting, but the traffic situation on the road is complicated, and it is difficult to ensure their safety without certain ability of sliding and braking.  Secondly, in the process of brushing the street, be sure to look at the traffic lights, obey the traffic rules, slide on the right side of the bike path or sidewalk, and do not side by side on narrower roads.  In addition, brush the street at night, it is best to wear conspicuous clothes or decorations, so that others notice you to avoid collisions.



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