Adjustable 24 /40 Kg Dumbell Gym

  • Place of Origin China
  • Color Black
  • Material
  • Size 24/40 KG
  • Type Outdoor/ indoor
  • Feature Adjustable Dumbbell
  • 24kg : 0.58kg*2 +1.16kg*2 2.32kg* 2 +3.32kg*2 + 3.24kg x2 +handle 2.15kg + base 2kg
  • 40 kg:2* 1kg +2*2.2kg + 2* 3.1kg +2* 4.22kg +2*7.14kg+ Handle 3.92kgx1 + base 2.5kg x1
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    Packaging Details:Cartons

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    Quantity 1 - 2 >1000 kg
    Est. Time(days) 7 days 7-20days



    —— Product Functions and usage of dumbbells

    1. Dumbbell bench press, bench press is the best and fastest way to exercise pectoralis major, deltoid and biceps brachii. First of all, you need to lie flat on the bench. If you practice at home, you can choose a bench with hard texture. Do not arch your back and hips or hold your breath. This will make your muscles lose control. Next, step on the ground with the full soles of both feet, hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend your elbows, put the palms of both hands towards the legs, perpendicular to the upper part of the body, and keep the dumbbell axis one centimeter above the nipple.

    In this way, the chest muscle can be involved in exerting force. Then, slowly open both arms to both sides, and slowly lower both arms. When the dumbbell falls to the stretch of the muscles of both arms, push the dumbbell upward. When pushing upward, keep the posture of pinching the elbow and leaning forward slightly. Keep a wide spacing between the arms to train the pectoralis major muscle, and a narrow spacing to train the deltoid muscle.

    2. Sitting side lift, this training method is mainly to exercise the lateral middle bundle of deltoid muscle. Step 1: sit flat on the side bench, put your feet flat on the ground, keep your legs the same width as your shoulders, and your arms naturally droop. Keep your palms opposite and hold the dumbbell shape, and then lift your arms upward. Do not lift the dumbbell by throwing it. Draw the dumbbell upward in a semi-circular arc, lift it to the position close to the ear root for a while, and then drop the dumbbell down along the original arc, and repeat the action.

    3. Sitting down and bending, this is mainly the fastest and most effective way to exercise biceps brachii. First, sit up and keep the upper body slightly tilted forward. The left hand is above the left thigh. The dumbbell held by the right hand naturally droops at the inner third of the thigh. The right arm maintains a 45 ° angle with the thigh, and the palm is inward. Then slowly lift the dumbbell to the chest in a semicircular arc path, stay for a while, and then recover the action with the original contraction path. Repeat the training with the left and right hands.



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